Artists as a cultural community

The artists in the MAXIMA community are coming from all segments of society and from many different artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds. Many of them, besides artists are accomplished writers, poets, musicians and visionaries. We welcome emerging and established artists who are local, national and international. MAXIMA has developed the vision of MAXIMA as an arts center to support and promote multi-disciplinary artists in the Santa Monica community, Los Angeles and beyond in raising art awareness, providing artist opportunities, and establishing a space for reputable and professional artists to thrive in a dynamic art center.

Our goal is to create a long lasting art community with opportunities to build rapport among colleagues and future collaborators.

We are proud to encourage and work with artists who are inspiring, motivated and open to exploring! We seek diverse, multi-disciplinary artists who are motivated, eager to learn, work in harmony in a dynamic environment and who strive for personal and community success.  We seek artists who have a vision for their art, demonstrate an artistic curiosity, are dedicated to progressive professional growth and are open to collaboration and progression of the arts as a whole. 


Artist Opportunities

Artists can apply to 1) be MAXIMA artists that include studio spaces, inclusion into the mentorship program, opportunities to exhibit artwork, participate in artist field studies and to ability to apply for selection in the artist exchange program, 2) participate separately in the mentorship program for professional self development and 3) show their artwork at MAXIMA. All artists can participate in the overall programming of MAXIMA with its variety of workshops, lectures and panel discussions attendance to exhibitions and events.


MAXIMA Artists

The multi-functioning environment and programs at MAXIMA serve as a learning tool for dynamic experience of studio art practice where artists are provided an environment to create work, meet deadlines, communicate with their peers, participate in marketing and social media, complete installations, exhibit their work and promote their work to visitors, curators and galleries.

Selection Process

The selection process for MAXIMA Artists, the mentorship program and artist exhibitions will be comprised of executive director, Yossi Govrin and a rotating advisory independent selection panel consisting of three people from the following areas: artists, curators, art advisors, art teachers, art departments heads, patrons etc.  MAXIMA has art advisor and teacher contacts at Ottis, UCLA, USC, Laguna College, and Cal Arts art departments that will be sourced for this process.  


 1.   Bi-annual open call for artist applications

2.   Advisory Selection Panel reviews applications and portfolios

3.   Artists are called to interview with the independent selection panel and MAXIMA

4.   Recommendations made by committee 

Please connect with MAXIMA to inquire further of the details of our selection process


Mentorship Program

MAXIMA’s team experience in holding active art careers, teaching art, creating art, participating in local and international shows, creating public art and historical monuments, curating compelling art shows and managing budgets serves as a source of information and perspective to other artists who are pursuing art as a professional career.

Founder, Yossi Govrin has historically been an asset to artists by individually and collectively assisting them with all aspects of their work and conceptual processes. He has promoted artist professional development in a meaningful capacity in the assistance of art formation, preparation, and execution for galleries and higher universities. Having taught classes in art and having a depth of experience of individualizing advice for each artist's personality and capacity, Govrin's unique mentoring style is open minded, supportive and encouraging in the development of the artist's own artistic style. Being familiar with artistic trends as well as comprehensive with his knowledge of the history of art he is able to help and guide the individual to explore, develop, progress and mature as well as to expand their personal repertoire or to take a new direction. 

With the addition of the experienced Advisory Board the mentorship program is currently expanding to include professional artists from backgrounds of art teachers, sculptors, installation artists, painters and designers that participate in the bi-annual artist portfolio reviews to support artist’s artistic development.