MAXIMA Art Initiative


MAXIMA Art Initiative (MAXIMA) is an arts platform that values and cultivates a relevant arts community by supporting artists, individuals, groups and communities to express themselves through multidisciplinary art and programs, cultural community interaction and global exchange that raises art awareness, creates artist opportunities and professional growth and brings cultural value to the community.

MAXIMA provides opportunities for artists in the form of artist studios, an Artist Mentorship Program, lecture and exhibition programming as well as opportunities for artist exchange to culture a diverse multidisciplinary complex of artists where artists are successful and grow artistically, collaboratively, self sufficiently and professionally in an inspiring and progressive art center.

MAXIMA creates a community driven environment encouraging local, national and international exchange that promotes meaningful and exploratory dialogue among artists, schools and universities, museums and government bodies. The impact of the center’s programming and relationships enhance the artist and public experience through interconnectivity that invigorates and challenges the concept of art, builds productive relationships and patronage, promotes artist collaboration and exhibition exchange, promotes the freedom of expression and cultural equity, promotes the center as an arts destination and contributes to the local city culture of art.

MAXIMA is dedicated to supporting humanitarian causes through providing a platform for arts related fundraisers.

MAXIMA consults with art communities and groups to grow and develop their programs in support of artists, developing artists communities and promoting artist exchange.


MAXIMA Art Initiative aims to 1) support the development of artists as innovative and relevant agents for cultural production with multidisciplinary expression, 2) promote local, national and international exchange and serve as a global leading arts center 3) collaborate with local, national and international arts and cultural communities and entities to launch the first Santa Monica art biennale to promote the City of Santa Monica as a vibrant arts and cultural city 4) serve as an excellent resource for the development of other arts communities and the success of artists.



At the heart of MAXIMA is our artists

The artists in MAXIMA’s community are coming from all segments of society and from many different artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds from emerging artists to established artists. Many of the artists are also accomplished writers, poets, musicians and visionaries. MAXIMA is proud to encourage artists that are inspiring, motivated and open to exploring and are passionate about pursuing their personal visions of artistic excellence.

MAXIMA Artist Opportunities include:

artist studios, collaboration with the artist community, enrollment in the Artist Mentorship Program, opportunities to show artwork, opportunities for artist exchange, participation in MAXIMA programming, participation in Artist Field Studies, opportunities to meet curators, inclusion and promotion in the Artist Newsletter and social media, participation in group dialogue and group critique events, opportunities to enroll in art classes



Quality shows for meaningful exchange

Contemporary art shows dedicated to promoting cultural exchange through artist group shows, curatorial projects, video installations, lectures and exhibitions from local, national and international artists. Interactive panel discussions with curators, artists and the public are coordinated with each exhibition. These exhibitions have become a platform for those who shape the cultural landscape of the arts.

The exhibitions are formulated from the literal to the abstract, exhibitions that challenge our preconceived notions of art, culture, the historical and non-historical, and bridging the gap from the conventional to contemporary investigations of color, line, texture and space as well as pressing cultural and social issues.

Exhibitions are a vital component of an artist’s development and professional understanding and exhibitions are an important resource for developing relationships and exposure to a greater community.


Artist & Exhibition Exchange

Collaboration and Exchange of Artists

A unique opportunity through the successful history of curatorial exhibitions is the development of relationships amongst artists, curators and galleries for artist and exhibition exchange. The current artist exchange program gives opportunities to MAXIMA artists to participate in exchanges of artist studios with artists abroad as well as exchange of exhibition shows coming from other countries who are exhibited by MAXIMA. The scope of artist exchange includes artists from Italy, Korea, Ireland, Poland and Lithuania.



Rich and diverse programming supports this thriving arts center 

Programs enhance the life and careers of the artists and the community, stimulate outreach, interaction and dialogue while supporting arts education that broadens experience and understanding for opportunities of life-long learning and growth.

Current MAXIMA programming includes: 1) Artist Mentorship Program, 2) Gallery Exhibition Program, 3) Multidisciplinary Program with Annual Short Film Festival as well as Music, Poetry and Theatre, 4) Artist and Exhibition Exchange Program, 5) Event Program for arts related organizations, 6) Cultural Outreach Program, 7) Education Program with Workshops, Lectures and Panel discussions, 8) Outreach Program for the Native Arts, Volunteers, Healing Arts and Philanthropy, 10) Marketing and Social Media Program and an 11) Art Installation Program.


Grants and Fundraising

Financial support of the arts

MAXIMA advocates for the arts by sourcing opportunities from grants to expand artist opportunities. MAXIMA welcomes support from advocates and patrons of the arts to expand opportunities for artists and programming.



MAXIMA consists of staff, a dynamic Board of Directors and an Art Advisory Board

MAXIMA is in the process of becoming a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.