Gallery Exhibitions & Art Events

The exhibitions are formulated from the literal to the abstract, exhibitions that challenge our preconceived notions of art, culture, the historical and non historical, bridging the gap from the conventional to the contemporary investigations of color, line, texture and space as well as pressing cultural and social issues.

MAXIMA artists, emerging and established artists have opportunities to exhibit and showcase their work. MAXIMA Curatorial Programs engage local, national and international curators who offer proposals of group artist shows with varying relevant topics, innovative and cutting edge exhibitions. MAXIMA Curatorial Exchange Program offer opportunities for curators. Curators are encouraged to facilitate exhibitions with MAXIMA’s artists abroad and in return facilitate a curated exhibition of artists from their respectful locations at MAXIMA. In MAXIMA’s history of management experience includes producing over 500 events and hosting over 20 international shows attracting over 10,000 people a year to attend events and support the arts and build a thriving artist community.