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A Thriving Ecosystem

Integral to this dynamic art center



The impact of the center’s programming and relationships enhance the artist and the public experience through the promotion of local, national and international interconnectivity between and among education, science, the arts and humanities that invigorates and challenges the concept of art, builds productive relationships, promotes the freedom of expression and cultural equity, promotes the community and city as a cultural arts destination and as progressive multicultural city.



  • Artist Studio Space & Creation of Art

  • Artist Mentorship

  • Artist Field Studies

  • MAXIMA artist exhibition program

  • Emerging, community and established artist Exhibition Program

  • Local, National and International Curatorial Exhibition Program

  • Curatorial Exchange Program

  • Multidisciplinary Art Program; Music, Theatre and Poetry Nights

  • Annual Short Film Festival Program

  • Artist Exchange Program

  • Cultural Outreach Program

  • Healing Arts Program

  • Educational Program with Workshops, Lectures and Panel Discussions

  • School Art Visits

  • Youth Artist Curated Exhibitions

  • Philanthropy Arts Fundraisers

  • Fundraising Program for MAXIMA’s Non Profit